Hey knowledge seekers! Here’s an assortment of eBooks, forms, articles, and general tomfoolery to get you on the right path. Enjoy!

nutri-guide btn-download The Nutrition Nerd’s Guide to Eating While Injured
If you exercise, there’s a good chance you’re
going to get hurt at some point. Here’s how nutrition can help you heal–quickly.
overreaching btn-download My Masters Thesis: Overreaching and Undereating
A holistic nutritional approach to overtraining in endurance sports. Not light reading, but worth your time.
download-pic-1 btn-download The Nutrition Nerd Eating and Exercise Log
When I’m helping someone with their diet, I ask them to fill out a few days of this form. It’s an ideal way to track your food and fitness—and how they’re affecting you. Feel free to use it however you see fit!
download-pic-2 btn-download The Post-Ride Legtastic Recovery Routine
“Why is the Nutrition Nerd giving us an exercise routine?” you’re asking. Because I love you, that’s why! This is a little something I do to recover, promote balance, and avoid injury after big rides.

Articles and Guest Blog Posts

> Beachbody “Ask The Expert” Series

> Yoga Online Vegan Eating 101 Series

> Breaking Muscle Series