testi-quote “Denis Faye is an extraordinarily talented writer. It’s always an inspiring and creative process when collaborating with him. His knowledge, wit, and passion for fitness and nutrition always exceed any and all of my expectations. I feel lucky to know him, and have him as a writing partner and friend.”

Tony Horton, Creator of P90X

testi-quote “I’ve been working with Denis for so long I’m not sure my opinion matters anymore, but nothing I’ve done–hence nothing Beachbody’s done in the realm of fitness and nutrition products and education–would be the same without him. It’s not just his knowledge on nutrition (and fitness) that set him apart. After all, a lot of people are educated. What sets him apart is his ability to utilize this info in an organized manner. His talent as a writer, researcher, and motivator are unparalleled.”

Steve Edwards, V.P. of Fitness and Nutrition
Beachbody, LLC

testi-quote “Denis Faye’s nutrition advice to me completely changed my game. After talking with him, I learned I wasn’t eating nearly enough to sustain my training and endurance activities. His expertise led me to eat more — and the right mix of food — to ensure I had the proper energy for long-distance triathlons.”

Kevin Nix
Age Group Triathlete

testi-quote “Denis and I have worked together on many projects, and he continues to impress me with the invaluable knowledge, skill and dedication to his work. Above all, Denis approaches his work with continuous passion and ethics, providing clients with the support and guidance needed to reach long term health and nutrition goals. And about his writing skills, I have so much to say, but I’ll wrap it up in a few words; superb, powerful and hysterically captivating! I always tell him that he should write school textbooks to keep students engaged and interested in the subject matter. You won’t go wrong with this guy!”

Ani Aratounians, MS, RD, Manager of Nutrition and Culinary Development
Beachbody, LLC

testi-quote “Denis is one of the most knowledgeable writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His passionate, inquisitive personality shines through in both brainstorming session and his writing that is both informative and engaging. And, he’s a true team player, jumping in to fact check content, answer reader questions, and also tackle duties that aren’t necessarily in his “job description.”

Rebecca Swanner, Senior Content Manager
Beachbody, LLC

testi-quote “I have been a practicing Registered Dietitian for the past 16 years, and rarely do I interface with an individual who possesses such sound nutritional knowledge and opinions. Denis has a solid understanding of both sound nutrition and culinary principles. I have worked with Denis on designing several nutrition plans and have seen how he is able to employ weight loss strategies using not only calorie deficits but also by incorporating exercise to increase an individual’s calorie needs. Denis is very careful to keep all nutrition programs healthy and sound, without getting caught up in any fad weight loss ideas and solutions.”

Sara Ryba, RD, CON

testi-quote “Denis has an excellent grasp of sports nutrition and has been a great asset to me in my training as a competitive cyclist, both in his ability to explain concepts and his eagerness to work with me in adjusting my nutrition plan as needed.”

Marc Mansolino, Store Manager
Performance Bicycle
Torrance, CA

testi-quote “Denis’ nutrition lesson was age appropriate and engaged all the students!”

Paula Storer, 2nd Grade Teacher
Jefferson Elementary School
Redondo Beach, CA

testi-quote “Denis Faye is the writer you need when you’re trying to explain the complex science of nutrition in terms that non-scientists will not only understand, but really get behind. His writing is sharp and funny, and he has a talent for turning science-speak into normal-guy talk that is friendly and compelling.”

Kim Kash, Freelance Writer
Author of The Jamie August Mystery series

testi-quote “Denis is a true treasure who leads by example with his genuinely healthy way of life. He’s my go-to man for knowledgeable advice regarding proper nutrition. He’s also a wiz at debunking myths and falsity. You can rest assured that you are in very safe hands with him.”

Sarah Stevenson aka The Tini Yogini
Certified Yoga Instructor and Wellness Advisor

testi-quote “Smart humorist Denis Faye is a pragmatic, studied nutrition nerd who will question every research claim and shake it down to the pennies at the bottom before he’ll just regurgitate it because it’s trending. If you want the real deal on nutrition and like some personality behind the educated advice you consume, there is no one better to follow. In a world that is over-run with nutrition and fitness experts, Denis rises above the mediocre and offers something truly unique in voice and useful in practice.”

Amy Jo Goddard, Sexual Empowerment Coach

“Life is too short not to eat treats. But if you eat too many of them, it’ll get a lot shorter.”