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Ask The Nutrition Nerd: Should I eat before bed?

by Denis Faye | January 7, 2014
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Nerd Herder and fellow cyclist Marc posted a fantabulous question on the Nutrition Nerd Facebook page last week: Is it advantageous to go to sleep slightly hungry and avoid excess calories or is a late night snack a good thing? Th

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Dopey study proves nothing about the benefits of eating one meal a day

by Denis Faye | December 2, 2013
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I’m a big advocate of eating a series of smaller, balanced meals each day. It helps you better absorb nutrients and it keeps blood sugar steady. That said, I’m a flexible guy and I understand that sometimes science pro

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Swedes say: Eating good is good for you!

by Denis Faye | October 18, 2010
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All I have for you today is this study out of Sweden claiming to be the first to find out “what effect multiple, rather than just single, foods with anti-inflammatory effects have on healthy individuals.” I may not be

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Yet another sinister Swedish plot to make us all fat

by Denis Faye | August 25, 2010
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Just the other day, I was wondering to myself, “Gee, Real Nutrition Nerd, if you stopped exercising and just ate fast food for a month, what would be the long term effects?” Well, now I have the answer. In a new study

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