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Ask The Nutrition Nerd: Should you lick your salt habit?

by Denis Faye | September 12, 2011
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Our question of the week comes from Krissy, a proud member of the Facebook branch of the Nerd Herd: This morning… my little cousin posted “No salt allowed in schools, really guys?’ I responded back with “Yo

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Salted Youth

by Denis Faye | November 16, 2010
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Assumed immortality is pretty much a standard feature in the psyche of most teenagers. Indeed, I remember my youth, driving at speeds up to 120 MPH (at least that’s as high as my car’s speedometer went) on deserted Ora

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Salt under assault.

by Denis Faye | April 27, 2010
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Thanks to an initiative initially initiated by New York City, 16 food companies (and I use the word “food” liberally) have agreed to cut salt in their foods. These companies include Heinz, Kraft and Starbucks. From AP:

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