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Ask the Nutrition Nerd: What makes foods more or less bioavailable?

by Denis Faye | May 13, 2014
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Buenos días, el Nerdo Herdo! Today’s question comes to us direct from beautiful downtown Paraguay. Nutrition Nerd Facebook page mainstay Romina asks: “What’s the deal with bioavailability, especially when it co

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Popeyed Parenting.

by Denis Faye | August 6, 2010
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When I was a kid, my diet consisted almost entirely of ham and spinach. Ham because, well, ham is delicious (at least I remember it being delicious – I don’t eat meat anymore) and spinach because of my love for Popeye.

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The salvation of saturated fat.

by Denis Faye | January 20, 2010
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It looks like that daily meatball sub wasn’t what stopped Uncle Mort ticker last July after all. According to a new study from Harvard and the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, saturated fat isn’t a

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