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Up is Mandatory! A Father/Daughter Hike in the Grand Canyon

by Denis Faye | September 11, 2021
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Five or six million years ago, the Colorado River started digging a gorge in a 270-mile stretch of what would eventually be known as northern Arizona. As the gorge grew, it carved through 1.7 billion years of rock. Countless trib

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Men Backpacking in Kilts

by Denis Faye | June 25, 2021
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It took fifty-one years, but I finally got a tattoo. My inner left bicep now reads, “Sed omnia praeclara tam difficilia, quam rara sunt.” It’s the last line of the book Ethica by a 17th century philosopher named Baruch Spino

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Just Shut Up and Camp: Our Hike up Mount Wilson

by Denis Faye | May 7, 2021
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Marilyne and I have been hiking our way through the Pandemic with a small group of friends. Every other Sunday, we pick a new destination, and show up in separate cars, and keep our distance during the hike—although we do all mo

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A little Appalachian Inspiration.

by Denis Faye | March 2, 2010
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We’ve been muckrackin’ and proselytizin’ quite a bit lately at The Real Fitness Nerd, so today I’m gonna hit you with a little good, old-fashioned stoke. Check out Mike Hanson. This month he’s going t

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