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New Research Shows Black Coffee Makes You Evil and then Kills You

by Denis Faye - The Nutrition Nerd | October 19, 2015
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I prefer my morning java unadulterated, therefore I’m a Machiavellian psycho with sadistic tendencies. These findings (not pertaining solely to me, for the record) come from new research out of the University of Innsbruck

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Doubling Down On Your Gut

by Denis Faye - The Nutrition Nerd | August 24, 2009
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Perhaps spurred on by Denis’ post last week about the battle over who can make the unhealthiest burger, KFC has entered the war with all guns blazing. This, um, sandwich (is anything stuffed between two of the same things a

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The Fatkins Diet

by Denis Faye - The Nutrition Nerd | April 2, 2009
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The Fitness Nerd’s go-to medical nerd website, WebMD, reported today on yet another study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association striking a blow to the folks at Atkins. In the study, researchers studied the eff

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