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450 Miles in 45 Hours: My Birthday Challenge to Beat Cancer

by Denis Faye | March 26, 2015
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A couple years ago, Steve Edwards gave me a bike. I don’t mean a beat up, rusty ol’ beach cruiser, but rather a high performance, decked-out Cannondale road bike. At the time, I had little more than a passing curiousity in cyc

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The BWR: Let’s hear it for exercise-induced nausea!

by Denis Faye | April 29, 2014
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  If you’ve been a member of the Nerd Herd for a while, you know I’m a Steve Edwards Birthday Challenge devotee. Every year on my birthday, I do something hard and fun, just to make the most out of this bag oR

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Birthday Challenge, Nerd Style

by Denis Faye | May 10, 2013
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Last week was my birthday. I turned 43, which isn’t really a landmark celebration unless you happen to live in a society that uses a base-10.75 numeral system, in which case it would have been like I turned 40. But that isn

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