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Ask the Nutrition Nerd: Should I be juicing?

by Denis Faye | June 26, 2014

Howdy, Nerd Herd. I’m fresh from a week in Key West. I had a blast and the mahi mahi I caught on the outer reef was the best fish I’ve ever tasted, but you guys really need to work on the produce. Most tropical places I visit

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Ask the Nutrition Nerd: What makes foods more or less bioavailable?

by Denis Faye | May 13, 2014

Buenos días, el Nerdo Herdo! Today’s question comes to us direct from beautiful downtown Paraguay. Nutrition Nerd Facebook page mainstay Romina asks: “What’s the deal with bioavailability, especially when it co

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Ask The Nutrition Nerd: Should I stress out about inflammation?

by Denis Faye | January 28, 2014

Today’s question comes from my longtime buddy Andrew. Here it is. What’s the deal with inflammation and what can I do to prevent it? Ah yes, inflammation, a term that seems to be creeping into the hipster nutritional

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Ask The Nutrition Nerd: Should I eat before bed?

by Denis Faye | January 7, 2014

Nerd Herder and fellow cyclist Marc posted a fantabulous question on the Nutrition Nerd Facebook page last week: Is it advantageous to go to sleep slightly hungry and avoid excess calories or is a late night snack a good thing? Th

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Ask The Nutrition Nerd: What supplements can I use to help my joints?

by Denis Faye | June 25, 2013

Michael over on my Facebook page just asked a great question. I figured I’d answer here, so that my wit and wisdom could be documented for all of internet eternity. Michael: I have many friends that practice jiu jitsu and th

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Ask The Real Fitness Nerd: Crossfit Cross-examination

by Denis Faye | June 22, 2012

I would like your view on Crossfit. I have scoured your blog and nada. Just curious, since your my favorite blogger. – Krissy the Blog Connoisseur  Shucks, Krissy. I bet you say that to all the sarcastic, self-righteous, ov

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Ask The Nutrition Nerd: Should you lick your salt habit?

by Denis Faye | September 12, 2011

Our question of the week comes from Krissy, a proud member of the Facebook branch of the Nerd Herd: This morning… my little cousin posted “No salt allowed in schools, really guys?’ I responded back with “Yo

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