New GMO Potatoes Use Science to Make Junk Food “Safe”

by Denis Faye | November 11, 2014

foods-to-avoid-french-friesUsually, I save my bile for ranting here on The Nerd, but today I decided to throw down a little over at the Beachboy Blog. Here’s the skinny:

In what appears to be part of the government’s continued effort to make potato chips and French fries a constitutional right, the U.S. Department of Agriculture last week approved a new genetically modified potato designed to (maybe) not give you cancer when you fry it.

The new taters produce less acrylamide when heated. Acrylamide is a substance that might be cancerous, but science isn’t 100% sure. If it is, I guess that’s good news because now junk food junkies who eat too many French fries are free to die of heart disease, diabetes, or some other obesity-related cause instead.

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