A Leave of Absence

by Denis Faye | January 28, 2013

Dear Nerd Herd –

You may have noticed that my postings have been sporadic over the last couple months. It’s time to come clean as to why. I’m collaborating on a really cool book project and it’s taking up a MASSIVE amount of time. As not to go completely insane, I need to cut corners here and there.

I still plan on posting links and cracking wise on my Facebook page, but the in-depth snarkiness here on the blog will probably be pretty thin until June. The book looks like it’ll be terrific. I’m super stoked and I know you’ll love it.

I’m sorry if this hurts you. I promise, it’s me, not you. I still love you, just in a different way.

Your Friend,

The Real Fitness Nerd

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