Further Adventures of the Bionic Nerd

by Denis Faye | November 22, 2011

Fitness Nerd down! Fitness Nerd down! Sorry for the absence, Nerd Herd. It’s been a tricky couple of weeks. I didn’t publicize this quite the way I did last time, but last week I went in for my second round of bionic implementation. This time, it was my shoulder. I had something called a SLAP tear in which the glenoid labrum in my right shoulder was damaged.

I was hoping it would be a quick-and-easy thing. Sadly, I forgot that I don’t live in The Happy La-La Land of Make Believe, so it wasn’t. What was supposed to be a 1.5 hour procedure turned into a 3.5 hour arthroscopic marathon in which they discovered that my labrum was torn off on three sides and in desperate need of TLC.

While this may sound like a bummer, it’s actually kind of exciting. I’ve been dealing with a number of issues in my shoulders, neck and elbows for a while. I just chalked them up to a lifetime of extreme sports and bad posture. My surgeon thinks this tear was so severe that it might be the source of my other problems. If this is true, once I’m back in shape, I’ll be able to continue a life full of surfing, biking, climbing and, best of all, slouching.

I wasn’t planning on sharing this stuff with you, primarily because this blog was never intended to be about me. Sure, I told you all about my hip surgery a few months ago, but I figured that I’d shared enough of my travails. Maybe I was wrong.

Two nights ago, my fellow nerd Steve Edwards stopped by with burritos and a little much-needed manly company. Since my procedure, I’ve needed quite a bit of help to get through all this. (It turns out that shoulder surgery is considerably more constricting, complicated, and painful than hip surgery.) Quite possibly due to my stunning good looks, my various helpers have all been women. For the most part, that’s been, well, AWESOME, but by the time Steve showed up, I was ready for a little testosterone, shit-talk, and unregulated flatulence.

As we sat around farting and watching William Shatner documentaries – Steve drinking beer and me savoring my evening Percocet – we started talking about the nature of motivation and inspiration. (Bill Shatner has that effect on us.)

The conversation turned to Facebook. As many of you know, Steve and I both work for Beachbody, and therefore many of our Facebook “friends” come through that connection. Apparently, many of these people live in the aforementioned Happy La-La Land of Make Believe where every status update tells of another meteoric step on the stairway to Nirvana.

I know these posts are meant to inspire — and sometimes they do. I love to hear about the great things that happen to friends and associates. However, sometimes they have an opposite effect. My life, as of late, is by no means perfect, so when I read about how amazing the rest of the world is, I start to question what the hell I did in my last life to get into this situation. It can be a bummer.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also not a fan of Facebook updates that constantly whine about how bad things are, but there’s a balance. I have a friend who recently went public about her fight with multiple sclerosis. I’m not happy about this. In fact, I’m heartbroken, but what I am happy about is that this person is speaking to the world from a place of truth and not some sugar-coated fairyland. She’s a remarkably strong human being and most of her updates are funny, charming, and upbeat. The balance of knowing her struggle makes these happy posts all the more uplifting.

It’s not that misery loves company. It’s that misery stays in check when you know you’re not alone on this complex journey.

In other words, I screwed up by not telling y’all about my second surgery. It was painful and it continues to be painful – particularly typing – but I keep a bar of surf wax on my bookshelf that makes me strong. When I’m have a particularly excruciating day, I look at it and imagine a day – probably about 6 months from now – when I’m back on my board, using my repaired shoulder to paddle and my repaired hip to bottom turn like a champ. Whether or not that day arrives is irrelevant. The quest keeps me strong.

The nice thing about night is that it’s typically followed by day. Sure, then comes night again – but guess what comes after that? Every 24 hours, you can dread the dusk or look forward to the dawn. Personally, I think it’s healthy to do a little of both.

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