School Lunch Lunacy

by Denis Faye - The Nutrition Nerd | October 21, 2011

Good morning, Nerd Herders. Today, I have an editorial I wrote for my local paper, The Daily Breeze, in regards to the filth my local school district puts in hot lunches. Odds are your school district does the same, so I encourage you to cut-and-paste this, sign your name and send it to your local rag. (Then paypal me my writer’s fee.)

Here’s an excerpt. Click through for the full tirade.

I let my daughter eat garbage once a week. 

Or, to be more succinct, I shell out three bucks and allow her to eat a hot lunch, courtesy of THE Redondo Beach Unified School District’s “Department of Child Nutrition Services.” It’s a strategic choice rather than a nutritional one. Garbage Day, as I call it, is a small detour off an otherwise healthy diet implemented to demystify junk food in hopes that she doesn’t go on an extended high-fructose corn syrup binge the moment she has the independence and disposable income to eat on her own. 

But my semi-leniency was put to the test last week. I opened the RBUSD lunch calendar to discover Wednesday’s meal was provided by Taco Bell and Friday had been entrusted to Domino’s Pizza. Both days were emphasized with full-color corporate logos.

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