In case you’re wondering, America is getting fatter.

by Denis Faye - The Nutrition Nerd | July 1, 2010

Looks like we need to lay off the amber waves of grain a little. According to F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens Americas Future 2010, a report from the Trust for America’s Health, 28 of our fair states gained weight. 49 of our states have obesity rates over 20%. For some reason, Colorado is the only state in the union to have dodged the chubby bullet when it comes to adults. Maybe all that leprechaun chasing is yielding cardiovascular benefits. For kids, Oregon is the only state with obesity rates below 10%. Yet, oddly enough, they have Happy Meals in Portland! How do they do it?

Thanks to official Fitness Nerd haranguer Prima Ballerina for tipping us off to this fatty madness.

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4 thoughts on “In case you’re wondering, America is getting fatter.

  1. screwdestiny

    Wouldn’t it be great if that was all a lovely shade of aqua? The percentage that Wyoming’s in doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I get “skinny bitch” comments thrown at me all the time because people in this state don’t know what a person of a healthy weight looks like anymore.


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