Hasta luego, Eggos.

by Denis Faye | November 19, 2009

Oh no! Flooding at a Kellogg’s bakery in Atlanta caused a temporary disruption in Eggo waffle production. Until the situation can be normalized, Kellogg’s will be rationing waffles throughout the country. According to CNN:

Chad, a grocery manager at King Soopers in Denver who declined to give his last name, said his store is “seeing some shortage, but not much.” A Kroger in Jackson, Miss., was also experiencing shortages, according to a manager in the frozen foods sections. At Fairway in New York City, Eggos were in full supply, however, according to a manager at the Red Hook location.

The production problems will also affect other Eggo products, including pancakes, syrup and other breakfast food. To alert customers, Kellogg has placed a warning to customers on top of its Eggo Web site and placed notices in some grocery stores.

I haven’t even seen an Eggo in about 20 years, so it’s not going to have much impact here, but I would imagine a shortage as horrific as this — wait a minute. Did I write “horrific”? I meant “terrific”! Anyway, I think it’ll have a profound effect on our culture and moral fabric, not to mention the time/space continuum. As I recall, a waffle shortage played a key role in the onset of World War One, didn’t it?

Seriously, before you run off to stock up on refined-flour-and-chemical-based toaster treats for the winter, take this report with a grain of salt. Something tells me that the Kellogg’s spin doctors might be using a small equipment malfunction as a way of causing some kind of mass Eggo buying spree.

Chad knows the ugly truth. That’s why he declined to state his last name.

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