Fat kids = Fat profits.

by Denis Faye - The Nutrition Nerd | November 5, 2009

Get a load of the results of this study out of the University of California-Davis regarding food advertising on television.

Out of 5,724 commercials recorded, 1,162 were food-related, with 91.2% of food promotions in English, and 8.7% in Spanish. Only 1 commercial was bilingual. Overall, nearly 1 in 5 advertisements was for a food or nutrition-related product, with 5.2 food advertisements presented every hour. Fast-food restaurants, sugary food, chips/crackers, and sugar-added beverages collectively accounted for more than 70% of food commercials; 34% were for ”food on the run,” fast-food restaurants and convenience food.

Children’s networks had the highest percentage of food-related commercials. Food advertisements were predominately for sugary cereals and sweets, high fat food, convenience or fast-food restaurant food, and chips/crackers. When compared to television for a general audience, children’s networks in this study exposed young viewers to 76% more food commercials per hour than did the other networks, with the Saturday morning 7-10 AM time slot being more saturated with food commercials. Approximately 7.7 food commercials per hour appeared in programming on the children’s networks, which is approximately 1 food commercial every 8 minutes.

What the hell, man? First weightlifters with bad parenting skills and now this. I’ve worked in advertising and I can tell ya, Corporate America can pretend to care about kids all it wants, but ultimately, it just wants them to buy crap food. I swear, they aren’t going to back off until the first kindergartner drops dead of a diabetes-related heart attack.

I’m just… I… I’m too pissed off to add my trademark pithy, one-liner outro here. I need to go workout and blast some Rollins Band, my new angry music du jour. You guys come up with something snarky for me.

via Science Blog

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