Hibernation for better living.

by Denis Faye | September 21, 2009

Following up on CBS’s recent eating disorder endorsement, CNN has published a really cool summary of reasons people overeat.

All the usual suspects are here. Lack of sleep causes hormone issues. Stress messes with your cortisol levels. Survival instincts urge you to eat fat. If you’re a regular Fitness Nerd reader, you probably know most of this stuff, but it’s good to have it in one place. Also, each section is followed by a few paragraphs on how to fix the problem.

All and all, it’s a sad observation of how unsuited our caveman bodies and minds are for today’s busy, fast food world. I think the Paleolithic Diet craze has it all wrong. It’s not that we need to eat meat and walk around barefoot. Instead, we should all hibernate. If we all sleep through winter, we’d get plenty of sleep, our bodies would burn off fat and society as we know it would completely collapse so that when we woke up, there’d be no more high-powered jobs to stress us out.

Who’s with me? I have an extra sleeping bag in the garage, if you need one.

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