Lunchbox Love.

by Denis Faye | September 3, 2009

For most of people trying to lose weight and stay gainfully employed, lunch can be hell. True, most of your office co-workers simply eat out every day, but most of your office co-workers either don’t care about the gut hanging over their Dockers on casual Friday or have the metabolisms of 12-year-old girls.

So you bring your own lunch. Granted, it’s not as social and you’re stuck eating with the only other people who bring lunch from home, the IT Department. But they’re not such bad guys and, after a while, you actually find yourself looking forward the the in-depth reports of their previous evening’s World of Warcraft activities.

The next hurdle is the container. A brown bag is fine, but then you don’t know how much to bring and, especially since you went to all the effort to bring it with you, you feel compelled to finish your meal, but then you’re stuffed. You might as well have gone to TGIFridays with the hipsters from accounting.

A lunchbox is an ideal solution. It’s small, yet rigid, making it difficult to get too carried away with your portions. Personally, I opt for something along these lines —
— which is why I blend in effortlessly with the IT Department. But if you’d rather opt for something little more au courant, consider Laptop Lunches.

These great “American-style bento boxes” solve several problems at once. The compartments are perfect for portion control and, more importantly, they look kinda cool. I’ll probably get one for my kid, too.

The one question mark is the durability of the plastic. I’m pretty tough on my lunch, so it’ll be interesting to see if it holds up as well as my old tin box did. It definitely won’t make a good sled when the hill behind the school, er, I mean office is iced over.

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