Dirty Harry appointed head of FDA, apparently.

by Denis Faye | May 13, 2009

I don’t know who spit in the Food and Drug Administration’s beer, but they’ve gone absolutely feral lately. A couple weeks ago, they threw down on the makers of Hydroxycut. This week, they seized $1.3 million in illegal bodybuilding dietary supplements, including steroids, from LG Sciences in Michigan.

But wait, there’s more! Today they also issued a nastigram to General Mills, the makers of Cheerios, stating that a number of health claims on the popular breakfast cereal’s packaging aren’t appropriate, including, “you can lower your cholesterol 4% in six weeks.” According to the letter, only FDA-aprroved drugs are allowed to make claims like this.

General Mills’ public response to the smackdown can basically be summed up as follows: “Um, you guys were cool with us saying that for, like, 12 years, so we don’t know what the big deal is, but whatever. We’ll change it.”

Hey, FDA! You go, girls!

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